Bleaker Nights

with deirdre dionysiac

Tuesday, October 15, 2019
23:00 to 01:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
funeral party double platonic suicide dream of embryo pafe record 1986, japan.
f:ar. immobili presto i topi verranno a cercarci amen - thx 1138 1987, italy.
five times of dust cruelty without beauty befor the beginning we were living quick stab 1982, uk.
emily faryna call my name i've got a steel bar in my head mo da mu 1984, canada.
ferdinando rhytm narcotics orgelvärk neuköln 1986, sweden.
tuxedomoon no tears no tears self-released 1978, us.
fad gadget fireside favourite fireside favourites mute 1980, uk.

[break] carl stone, "dong il jang" (1982, japan)
floris vanhoof paranormaalabamba la bamba ultra eczema 2009, belgium.
frank sumatra and the mob tedium te deum small wonder 1979, uk.
file under pop heathrow heathrow rough trade 1979, uk.
vox populi ! un fantôme introduction à la théorie de la subjectivité relative vox man records 1982, france.
anne gillis lolimore rementact rangehen 1989, france.
a.i.z la purge excrementals parano art productions 1985, france.
the first international sex opera band anita's first appearance, part 2 anita golden pavilion 1969/2017, netherlands.
flossie and the unicorns the halloween puppet show l m n o p skin graft, rhinestone 1998, us.
from nursery to misery open the new day demo tape unreleased 1988, uk.

[break] f ingers, "orgy in the country homestead with friends and bondage" (2019, australia)
joseph loduca introduction / games evil dead varèse sarabande 1984, us.
frank w. fromy le chant des pierres quatre axes mutants musea parallele 1988, france.
furious pig the king mother furious pig rough trade 1981, uk.
free agents untitled £3.33 groovy records 1980/2018, uk.
the fates who am i? furia bird, finders keepers 1985/2014, uk.
fushitsusha magic v allegorical misunderstanding avant 1993, japan.
ericka irganon rêve de fièvre le rat d'hôtel ptôse production présente 1984, france.

[break] the future, "dada dada duchamp vortex" (1977, uk)
[end credits] two unknown girls time of my life found recording none ????, us.