FaFFing aFFably

with deirdre dionysiac

wild & wonder

Tuesday, October 15, 2019
11:00 to 14:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments Request
. deirdre speaks . .
Faust exercise - with voices the Faust tapes virgin records 1973, germany.
Funkadelic back in our minds maggot brain westbound records 1971, us.
. + uproarious approval . .
the Fugs i want to know the Fugs esp disk 1966, us.
Fred Frith dancing in the streets / my enemy is a bad man gravity ralph records 1980, uk.
the Free pop electronic concept planetary gospel a new exciting experience electronic records 1969, belgium.
FiFty Foot hose Fly Free cauldron limelight 1968, us.
Fuzzy blau (part 1) electronic music produced in aarhus odeon 1974, denmark.
Fred weinberg theme For julie the weinberg method oF non-synthetic electronic rock anvil records 1968, us.
Francisco semprun, michel christodoulides givre metamorphoses unidisc 1974, France.

[break] coste apetrea, "du gamla du Fria" (1989, sweden)
Four tet harmony one pause domino 2001, us.
Fursaxa song to the cicada amulet last visible dog 2005, us.
Finis aFricae juana y rosalia Finis aFricae grabaciones accidentales 1985, spain.
Fondation magic box le vaisseau blanc tago mago, tunnel vision 1983/2017, France.
Frank harris & maria marquez Field trips echoes strangelove music 2019 (rec. 1985), us/venezuela.
Four drummers drumming champagne electricity backyard 1991, germany.
Fizze derive kulu hatha mamnua les disques de l'art gue 1986, switzerland.
Fernando Falcao disse algues barracas barrocas optimo music, selva discos 1987/2019, brazil.
Frank chickens shellFish bamboo we are Frank chickens kaz records 1984, uk.
Franco battiato plancton pollution bla bla 1972, italy.
FFwd▸▸ klangtest FFwd▸▸ inter-modo, discipline 1994, uk.
Fred van hove between 2 battles, the warrior has a well-deserved rest at the soFt breast oF his beloved lady and dreams oF other despairs and victories church organ Fmp 1981, belgium.
Fumio miyashita 岩戸 (iwato) yamato - 21st century new sound - healing music biwa records 1985, japan.
Ferrante & teicher out oF nowhere heavenly sounds in hi-Fi abc-paramount 1957, us.
Füxa main sequence diFFusion / photon / lajolla Free your soul burnt hair 1995, uk.
Flying saucer attack beach red lullaby beach red lullaby planet records 1995, uk.
Frederic rzewski coming together attica / coming together / les moutons de panurge opus one 1974, us.
+ Free radicals polarities polarities selF-released 1983, new zealand.
Felt song for william s. harvey let the snakes crinkle their heads to death creation records 1986, uk.
Feliu i joan albert el caliFa de cassoles Feliu i joan albert zeleste, edigsa 1977, spain.
the Fabulous dirt sisters didn't aFFect me Flapping out spinround records 1986, uk.
Francis the great look up in the sky (negro nature) ravissante baby c-c records 1977, cameroon/France.
Femme Fatale eastern blue obscure independent classics: volume 4 (special japanese edition) cordelia records 1987, uk/japan.
Furniture robert nightman's story when the boom was on emotional rescue 1983/2019, uk.
Five times of dust song For louise beFor the beginning we were living quick stab 1982, uk.
Frigidaire tango nothing more the cock spittle records 1981/2014, italy.
Family Fodder and Friends sunday girl #1 sunday girls (a tribute to blondie by Family Fodder and Friends) parole records, Fresh records 1979, uk.
Funboy Five liFe aFter death liFe aFter death cool-cat-daddy-o records 1980, uk.
the Fall bingo-master bingo-master's break-out! step-Forward records 1978, uk.
Fra lippo lippi tap dance For scientists tap dance For scientists private records 1980, norway.
Frk. jacobsen healing Force lobsters eget værelse 2013, denmark.
Fabio Fabor curendera ballabili "anni 70" (underground) schema 1970/2016, italy.
. the jury speaks . .
{~u~n~d~e~r~~m~i~c~} Frank zappa and the mothers of invention inca roads one size Fits all zappa records 1988, us. R
[end credits] Flat duo jets strut my stuFF Flat duo jets dog gone 1989, us.