The Right to Remain Silent

with Dante

Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Alexia Avina Betting on An Island Betting on an Island S/R 2018
Drug Rug Day I Die S/T black and greene records 2007
Corrine Sharlet Hail Mary Hail Mary S/R 2019
Dreamend The Almighty As if by ghosts... Graveface 2004
Purple Mountains That's Just The Way I Feel S/T Drag City 2019 *
Max Gowan Avent Ferry Mass Transit S/R 2016
Kevin Drew Farewell To the Pressure Kids Spirit If... Arts & Crafts 2007
Spud Cannon A Screw Fell from His Head Next Time Read the Fine Print S/R 2016
Drill for Abstentee Naked Singularity Circle Music Mindwalk Records 1999
Dreamdate How Low Are You? Patience Skywriting Records 2009
waveform* Hazel Shooting Star S/R 2019
Dub Narcotic Sound System Hand Clappin Handclappin' S/T 2004
thanks for coming a character you can relate to no problem S/R 2017
Dressy Bessy Lady Liberty KINGSIZED Yep Roc 2016
blue smiley dark return S/R 2017
George W. Bush/Saddam Hussein/New York Times/BBC/War Late Stage Imperialism Late Stage Capitalism Don't worry the leaves are supposed to be this color this time of year, the mean temperature 5 degre 1776-2001
Cat Power American Flag Moon Pix 1998
Renata Zeiguer Chega de Saudade Faraway Buisness Northern Spy 2019
Foozle Letterman Romantic Comedies Babe City 2016
Flotation Toy Warning popstar researching oblivion Bluffer's guide to the flight deck Pointy Records 2004
The Clientele We Could Walk Together Suburban Light Merge Records 2014
Helvetia Old, New Cycicle The Acrobats Gladness 2008