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Monday, October 14, 2019
20:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Comp
Anthony Braxton RBHM (Opus 23d) New York, Fall, 1974 1974
Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers Child's dance child's dance 1972
Art Farmer Soulsides gentle eyes 1991
Aquarian Dream You're a star Fantasy 1978
Goblin Buio Omega Buio Omega soundtrack
Low Red Center Olive Shaped s/t 10" 2009
ATM Your brain inglewood tapes vol. 1 2018
x ray pop madison fraise the dream machine Dark Entries 2012 (og from 80s)
Caroline Loeb C'est la ouate C'est la ouate 1987
Deux Minimaliste Decadence 2010 (orig 80s) C
Lives of angels In the image of youth elevetor to eden Dark Entries 2012(orig 80s)
Family Fodder Cerf Volant More Great Hits!
Lives of angels Meltdown Elevator to eden Dark Entries 2012 (orig 80s)
Strawberry Switchblade Tree and flowers 1982 4 piece demo 2017
Lily & Horn Horse staring at the plants next to me 2017
x ray pop Contakt the dream machine Dark Entries 2012
*** **** *****
Quando Quango Low Rider Pigs & Battleships 1985
A Certain Ratio Crystal Sextet 1981
Family Fodder Warm More Great Hits!
Goblin Pillage/rush Buio Omega soundtrack
Family Fodder Disco Purge More Great Hits! 1979
Tom Tom club kiss me when i get back boom boom chi boom boom 1989
Propaganda Laughed- here Whishful thinking 1985
Eric Serra Rudy Rap 5th element soundtrack
PTP Show me your spine (From the movie "Robocop") Side TRaz 2014 C
Caroline Loeb La nuit nous appartient (Bronx Mix) Piranna 1983
Jade Don't walk away Jade to the Max 1992
Ramuntcho matta Les Choses De L'amour 2 L'amour 1993
Photonz Osiris Resurected (Palms Trax Remix) Vision 2014
Eric serra Korben Dallas 5th element soundtrack
Revolting Cocks Big sexy land big sexy land 1986
Jordy Dur dur detre bebe(remix)/ Allison Pochette Suprise 1993
saada bonaire So many dreams s/t 2013 (from 1984)
Miles Davis Right on brotha everything's beautiful 2016
Goblin Sighs/ Markos Suspiria
**** **** ****
Liquid G pressure liquidation dark entries 2015
Zom Zoms Laser one brain omega point 2004
Gauche Running A People's History of Gauche 2019 *
Shimmer Night Vision And I Revel decoherence 2019 *
The Anemic boyfriends fake I.D. single 1981
Wang Chung Black-Blue-White To live & die in LA 1985
Wang Chung Dance hall days Points on the curve 1983