don't back the front

with dana k

Artist Song Album Comments New
desperate bicycles don't back the front 7" 1977
circle x beyond standard prehistory 1983
no sister pacific influence EP 2019
hash redactor in the tank drecksound 2019 *
red transistor not bite 7" 1990
drunks with guns wonderful subdivision second verses 1990
the birthday party mutiny in heaven mutiny 1983
six finger satellite laughing larry the pigeon is the most popular bird 1993
iss barron wasteland alles 3rd gut 2019
model zero sludge s/t 2019 *
ubik john wayne is a cowboy (and is on twitter) next phase 2019
liquid assets murderer demo 2019
silver daggers untame new high & ord 2006
lake of dracula the carpet (old ghost) s/t 1997
daisuck & prostitute mutant pub (keep dancing until i die) 1981
pre i met her in the bin epic fits 2007
mars helen fordsdale no new york 1978
sightings chili dog michigan haters 2002
rusted shut hatched rehab 2004
god bullies 2+2 dog show 1990
taiwan housing project buy buy buy sub-language trustees 2019
carnivorous bells a bad place big bronze allegory 2019
big stick bianca blast some of the best of big stick 2019 *
sonic youth protect me you confusion is sex 1983
smegma smegma plays merzbow smegma plays merzbow / merzbow plays smegma 1996