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with TB

Monday, September 30, 2019
20:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
Velvet Underground Sister Ray White Light/White Heat (Deluxe)
Urinals survin' with the shah/ I'm a bug negative capability...check it out! 1997
The Cramps Strichnine Songs the lord taught us 1980
Black Randy & The Metrosquad I tell lies everyday Pass the dust i think im bowie 1979
Velvet Underground I can't stand it anymore VU 1985
Jimi Hendrix Easy Blues Nine to the Universe 1980
Steph Richards Brooklyn Machine Take the Neon Lights 2019 *
Brion Gysin, Ramuntcho Matta Junk SELF-PORTRAIT JUMPING 1993
Brion Gysin, Eli Medeiros, Ramuntcho Matta Stop Smoking SELF-PORTRAIT JUMPING 1993
Skeleton Crew not my shoes learn to talk 1984
**** ***** *****
Nina Hagen Cosmic Shiva nunsexmonkrock 1978
Talking Heads Mind Fear of music 1979
Skeleton Crew Learn to talk learn to talk 1984
China Shop If its new Atomic Notions ep 1981
six finger satellite .. #7 the pigeon is the most popular bird 1993
Gay Cum Daddies The Rusty Lawnmower Crumbs 2017
Double Dagger I was so bored I wanted to hang myself on the dance floor s/t 2003
Ponytail beg waves ice cream spiritual 2008
Boredoms 52 Boredom (Club mix)/sun, gun, run Soul Discharge 1990
Zorn My Masters call s/t 2018
Shimmer Bring it to me now and i revel 2019 *
DNA Egomaniac's kiss/ not moving DNA on DNA 2004 issue
evil Sword Dead horse Agony of the wart god 2019 *
Coughs Fright makes right Fright makes right 2005
Gay Cum Daddies Mister Oil Metal Beach 2018
SHimmer Into the mass And I revel 2019 *
**** **** ****
Krill My Boy/ Purity Heart Lucky Leaves 2014
Palm Child Actor Trading Basics 2016
spirit of the beehive Short walk s/t 2014
Unwound Hexenzsene New Plastic Ideas 1994
Uzeda Deep Blue Sea Quocumque Jeceris Stabit 2019 *
Shellac II Porno star At action park 1994
Big Neck Police Carousel/ The Slight Sleight of time 2015
**** *** ***
Crack Cloud Philospher's calling s/t 2018
Palberta Nana/ Call me No one & the Somebodies split w/ Palberta 2017
Arab on Radar Inventor stolen singles 2003
Pre Teenage lakes Hope Freaks 2008
Guerilla Toss Pink Elephant Gay disco 2013
Silver Daggers New High & ord New high & ord 2008
SHimmer Night vision/ Enter Shimmer And I Revel 2019 *
Cal Fish autobiography #4 Cassette Traveler 2017