don't back the front

with dana k

Friday, September 20, 2019
21:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Comments
desperate bicycles don't back the front 7" 1977
cabaret voltaire seconds too late 7" 1980
algebra suicide seasonal zombies still life 1986/2019
bizarre unit away from the screaming car a strange functional system 1980/2012
informatics hungry pets dance to a dangerous beat 1982/2013
the fast set junction one 7" 1980
body falling downstairs politics of ecstasy seattle syndrome volume one 1981
the mickey bliss band venus dressed in plastic garbage 7" 1982
stephen mallinder working (you are) um dada 2019
jeff and jane hudson pound, pound flesh 1983
you've got foetus on your breath i am surrounded by incompetence deaf 1981
chris and cosey cowboys in cuba trance 1982
septimo sello burdel interferencias vol 1 2017
a blaze colour cold as ever hours 1982
linea aspera attica preservation bias 2012/2019
xeno & oaklander athena hypnos 2019
hysterica passio grey over life 12" 1982
ice the falling rain lifes illusion 7" 1983
schleimer k demon lust wounded wood 1983
marie moor pretty day BIPPP 1982/2006
jeanette in the morning 7" 1983
rexy running out of time running out of time 1981
psychic youth the future now 7" 1982
2vm placita 7" 2005
turquoise days grey skies 7" 1984
edward ka-spel even now dance, china doll 1984