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Wednesday, September 4, 2019
20:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Comments
ditto urban in human terms
- - -
hey cowboy freckles the soft kind
locate s,1 the count of monte critico healing contest
it it spring break formal odors
wczasy wez mnie zawody from poland
wei zhongle peeping tom nice mask over an ugly face
brutus viii comfort a hackney pursuit
william austin clay do you feel the same autipaustiography
alameda 5 birds of passage eurodrome
- - -
acid carousel eyes glow another everything
pearl earl something's gotta change something's gotta change
mamalarky boulders fundamental thrive hive
rubblebucket came out of a lady triangular daisies
mean lady why'd'ya haftabee sucha? love now
- - -
landline landline landline
erik nervous (do the) simulate assorted anxieties
warm bodies i smashed it warm bodies
mark cone village idiot now showing
bb eye butterball's lament headcheese heartthrob
mope grooves face to face vanished
red sea participation in the salon
marbled eye dirt ep ii
being dead future earth street rocky mountain cowboy blues
ramona cordova giver's reply the boy who floated freely
- - -
schmave it's two we're rowboat people
senor fin before i change hardly alone
eric shoves them in his pockets fireman walk it off
dude elsberry dtmh hon
delicate steve ramona reborn positive force
- - -
ccfx the one to wait ccfx ep
stephen steinbrink the punks i drew a picture
the pastels, tenniscoats vivid youth vivid youth
max gowan lawnmower far corners
dehd dying for dying for
- - -
luwum making up a mood places worn
adult jazz hum gist is
hello shark fishing for bats delicate
the washboard abs play dumb lowlight visions
moon racer starry up is it really a secret?
moon racer song of the mogwai is it really a secret?
- - -
eternal tapestries wild strawberries wild strawberries