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gooey oozy groovy tunes. always weird and always slimey...

Monday, September 2, 2019
16:00 to 18:00
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Artist Song Album Comments Comp
siouxsie and the banshees jigsaw feeling the scream 1978
- - -
bauhaus bela lugosi's dead 1979-1983 1979 C
joy division day of the lords unknown pleasures 1979
bauhaus double dare in the flat field 1980
joy division atrocity exhibition closer 1980
- - -
the birthday party six inch gold blade junkyard 1982
your funeral i wanna be you killed by deathrock, vol. 1 1982 C
cocteau twins garlands garlands 1982
the cure siamese twins pornography 1982
the chameleons don't fall script of the bridge 1983
- - -
tones on tail burning skies something! 1984
death in june the calling (mk ii) nada! 1985
sisters of mercy alice some girls wander by mistake 1992
rosetta stone hit foundation stones 1993
- - -
the soft moon breathe the fire the soft moon 2010
blessure grave water the flashing 2013
lebanon hanover gallowdance tomb for two 2013
bleib modern if love is just a word all is fair in love and war 2015
forever grey the style is death alabaster chamber 2016
pleasure symbols control pleasure symbols 2016
- - -
john maus mind the droves addendum 2018