don't back the front

with dana k

Artist Song Album Comments New
desperate bicycles don't back the front 7" 1977
magazine the light pours out of me peel session (2/14/1978) 1978
the breeders iris peel session (1/22/1990) 1990 (the peel session that aired on the day of my birth)
young marble giants n.i.t.a peel session (8/18/1980) 1980
the dawn chorus and the blue tits teenage kicks 7" 1985
the outcasts self conscious over you 7" 1978
desperate bicycles smokescreen peel session (7/4/1978) 1978
booji boys berlinetta tube reducer 2019
gauche history a people's history of gauche 2019 *
ceremony we can be free in the spirit world now 2019
wire on returning peel session (9/20/1978) 1978
pleather billy/jules summer dreamin' 2019
devo uncontrollable urge (demo) ultracore 1975-1977 mid 70s?
half man half biscuit the trumpton riots peel session (11/10/1985) 1985
nightingales it lives again/blood for dirt peel session (7/?/1982) 1982
the shrubs john corpse/black mailer peel session (7/22/1986) 1986
microdisney genius peel session (10/2/1984) 1984
the monochrome set goodbye joe/strange boutique peel session (8/29/1979) 1979
restricted code yakov bok peel session (3/10/1981) 1981
civic velvet casino selling sucking blackmail bribes 2019
benny & the roids poison boys benny & the roids EP 2019
tyvek i've not thought once changing patterns of protective coating 2019
mick trouble bloody blighty it's the mick trouble LP 2019
yeah yeah noh prick up your ears peel session (8/7/1984) 1984
the servants you'd do me good peel session (3/24/1986) 1986
the specials gangsters peel session (5/23/1979) 1979
stiff little fingers alternative ulster peel session (1979) 1979
fire engines discord peel session (3/9/1981) 1981
scritti politti knowledge and interest peel session (5/12/1978) 1978