with chaotic neutral

Friday, August 23, 2019
14:00 to 17:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
ringo deathstarr imagine hearts colour trip sonic unyon
spirit crush one more time riffer topshelf aka "melt"
real estate navigator atlas domino
giuda space walk e.v.a. (extravehicular activity) burger records *
wall cuban cigars wall ep wharf cat
red stars theory i thought about you but sleep came slowly rx: remedy
quinimine police station blues like pistons for engines grey flat
pulse programming there will never be ast15cd aesthetics
psywarfare butterfly boy call cacoon 303 circle gets the square vinyl comm
we live in sod houses telenovela paper s/r
rancid nihilism let's go epitaph
golden pelicans stray dogs grinding for gruel 12xu *
d.i. rock and roll part ii/nuclear funeral team goon ep xxx
weezer getchoo pinkerton dgc
vulcan's hammer track 4 true hearts and sound bottoms radioactive
captain beefheart and his magic band happy love song unconditionally guaranteed mercury R
psi commuting between the surface and the underworld distant mud evolving ear
eugene chadbourne east was/texas was solo guitar volume 3 1/3 feeding tube played simultaneously with psi track above *
__________ track a2 this cover was intentionally left blank breathmint
we all have hooks for hands music which feeds the guests/jumpin jean-luc the pretender afternoon
heaven it's not enough/lock & key lonesome town ep italians do it better
golden daze simpatico simpatico autumn tone *
dream reporter everything means something to me white horse ep shine on *
ypy guilty pants be a little more selfish em records *
mouthus throat loam ecstatic peace
exhalants latex/cauterize exhalants self-sabotage
kouyate tara sory kandia sonodisc
matthew shipp trio this matrix signature esp disc *