Music With Space

with Michael Hunter

Music for the space between your left and right ears

Friday, August 16, 2019
23:00 to 03:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
In Quantum Itarius Mourning Memory 417 Cryo Chamber 23:00:24
Franck Martin Random Binary Trees 607593 Records 23:04:57
Synergy Sequence 14 Sequencer Third Contact 23:07:12
Markus Reuter Phenomina Monde, Vol.2 Iapetus 23:18:30
Miles Richmond, Peter Grenader with Steve Roach Frame 313 POV Timeroom Editions 23:35:51
Suzanne Ciani Flowers of Evil - Based On The Poem Élévation By Charles Baudelaire Flowers of Evil Finders Keepers Records 23:32:59
Aglaia Soft Wind Water Inside the Light Hic Sunt Leones 23:50:15
Alio Die & Lorenzo Montana Silent Rumon Holographic Codex Projekt Records 23:59:19
Tetesu Inoue The Night in Goa Organic Cloud Fax +49-69/450464 00:14:25
Audio Mace Delicate Indifference n/a unrelease 00:30:43
Thom Brennan Stories from the Forest - Part 4 Stories from the Forest TMB Soundworks 00:37:52
Vangelis Beaubourg Part II Beaubourg RCA 00:47:12
Vic Hennegan Journey to Sirius Part Six - Sirius Star Cluster Journey to Sirius Self Release 01:07:47
Vladimir Ussachevsky Metamorphosis Electronic and Acoustic Works 1952-1972 New World Records 01:18:34
Wolfram Spyra PsychoCity Orphan Waves Fax +49-69/450464 01:23:51
Flexagon The Far Side Helios Self Release 01:34:43
Akashic Crows Nest Prospecting Drone Mining Off-World Webbed Hand Records 01:42:33
Lauri Paisley Year of the Redbird The Fire of Dreams Methylunna Music 01:53:45
Irfan Star of the Winds (Khaukab al Hawwa) Seraphim Prikosnovenie 01:58:33
Worms of the Earth Of Statues And The Sacred Gardens Azal'ucel Industry8 02:05:58
Alessandro Cortini Grigia Frorse 2 Important Records 02:13:57
Robert Fripp Am House of Music Frippertronics DGM 02:21:18
Fripp & Eno Lyra The Equatorial Stars Discipline Global Mobile 02:28:11
Sylvain Carel Priestess of Tanit Salammbo outlandis-music 02:33:47
Hypogeum Part Two Anticline Ethereal Live 02:43:03