Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

Sunday, August 21, 2005
15:00 to 17:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
nanette peint en noir rock-n-roll les disques millionaires french rock comp ughh... cover of the rolling stones' "paint it black" C
thee shams in the city please yourself fat possum *
sleater kinney big big lights free to fight comp 7' candy ass
kimya dawson i will never forget hidden vagenda k *
the mountain goats this year the sunset tree 4ad R
goodbye blue monday endless waiting route 7' from willow grove circa 1996
the birthday party the red clock hee haw buddha
the cramps green fuzz psychedelic jungle irs R
iggy pop i got a right tv eye 1977 live rca
blood sausage what law am i breaking now? touching you in ways that don't feel comfortable 7' wiiija
reigning sound funny thing too much guitar in the red i keep missing this band whenever they play and it's starting to piss me off. why don't they tour more!!!! AHHHGGGGHHH!
viktor vaughn mr. clean mr.clean/modern day mugging 12' sound ink
esg moody (spaced out) come away w/ esg 99 records
youth of today break down the walls break down the walls revelation i so can not take hardcore seriously anymore. this is at least a lot better than warzone.
jai alai savant when i grow up do the damn thing s/r philadelphia! new album due out this fall!
the sympathizers another green desert dread at the control s/r new album! from philly! fantastic ! dubtastic! *
goon moon inner child abuse i got a brand new egg layin machine suicide squeeze *
george clinton some of my best jokes are friends some of my best jokes are friends capitol
george clinton some of my best jokes are friends some of my best jokes are friends capitol
stevie wonder boogie on reggae woman fulfilngness firsttinale
the white stripes hello operator de stijl sympathy for the record industry
chrysalis baby let me show you where i live definition rev-ola *
the decemberists bridges & balloons believer magazine comp: i am not going to stab you believer joanna newsom cover * C
eleventh dream day love to hate to love beet atlantic
the feelies the boy with perpetual nervousness crazy rhythms stiff
the willowz ulcer soul talk in circles sympathy for the record industry *
the 101ers letsgetabitrockin' elgin avenue breakdown revisited emi *
hail social no title s/t s/r philadelphia debut cd after a handful of demos and 7's *
patrick zabe la lettre rock-n-roll more FRENCH oh la la for real. the boxtops, "the letter"
the modern lovers i'm straight live in berkley rounder