Scratchy Vinyl

with Tim

wheew that kid is gonna be far out

Saturday, August 10, 2019
19:00 to 21:00
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Artist Song Album Label New
kinski hot stenographer alpine static sub pop
peel dream magazine qi velocity modern meta physic slumberland *
guided by voices blue jay house warp and woof gbv inc *
flamin gods koray levitation moshi moshi *
the infinites nina segvia the infinates first humans *
soak all aboard/ get set soaked grim town rough trade *
swimming bell wolf swimming bell self released *
radar bros sometime a while ago the fallen leaf pages merge
barrie teenager happy to be here studio windows *
billy harvey piggy back ride pie palo santo *
unwed sailor heavy age heavy age self released *
john morris announcements woodstock /
sly and family stone m lady Woodstock 3 cotillion /rhino
Richie havens freedom woodstock cotillion
blood sweat and tears sometimes in winter Woodstock 3 cotillion /rhino
the who amazing journey / sparks woodstock 3 cotillon /rhino
the who see me feel me woodstock cotillon
john morris announcements woodsrock cotillion
country joe and the fish rock and soul / love woodstock cotillion
bert sommer jennifer / /
bleached keep on keepin on / /
audacity lock on the door live wfmu free music archives
aye nako particle mace silver haze don Giovanni
band of bees these are ghosts free the bees /
beechwood sparks something i dont reconize beechwood sparks sub pop
birdie such a sound triple echo /
Serena mannish sapphire eyes / /
brother kite out of sight waiting for the time to be right /
brother kite waiting for the time to be right waiting for the time to be right /
autodrone witness to a ghost live wfmu free music archives
helio sequence rev vuh lee young effectuals /
helio sequence give give give young effectuals /
go team wraith of Marcie wraith of marcie tearbridge
x see how we are 4th of july Elektra
the fiery funaces my dog was lost but now hes found blueberry boat rough trade
Melanie birthday of the sun woodstock /
dragon city ? dragon city /