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Wednesday, August 7, 2019
20:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
takako minekawa, dustin wong pastel ice date savage imagination
- - -
it it dawn ever formal odors
cate le bon magnificent gestures reward
darto within/without human giving
jo passed undemo their prime
couleur dessin tete demultipliee couleur dessin multiplied head
- - -
ty segall ice plant first taste
the cradle giving dub the glare of success
avey tare eyes on eyes - live k.c. yours orig. off cows on the hourglass pond
vessel fantasma (for jasmin) queen of golden dogs
zammuto harlequin zammuto
- - -
carla dal forno took a long time took a long time
death and vanilla let's never leave here are you a dreamer?
sam evian dark love premium
sasami turned out i was everyone sasami *
vinyl williams noumena opal
- - -
eddie the wheel lesser than lesser than
molly as years go by all that ever could have been
the durutti column how unbelievable a paean to wilson
ricky eat acid inside my house; some place i keep dreaming about three love songs
- - -
kraftwerk vitamin tour de france
mammane sanni abdoulaye five hundred miles unreleased tapes 1981-1984
mammane sanni abdoulaye arman doley unreleased tapes 1981-1984
- - -
william onyeabor when the going is smooth and good box set
william onyeabor great lover box set
- - -
francis bebey new track african electronic music (1975-1982)