don't back the front

with dana k

Artist Song Album Comments New
desperate bicycles don't back the front 7" 1977
all night movies bacchus polka homework #104 1980
deerhoof dummy discards a heart apple O 2003
pscience xray eyes s/t 2019
devo jocko homo hardcore devo vol. 1 1990 (orig. 70s)
curleys johnny s/t 2019
tyvek we're back changing patterns of protective coating 2019
constant mongrel shnuki 7" 2019
manchester mekon no forgetting 7" 1979
comateens tvc 15 s/t 1981
l.voag kitchen the way out 1979
dee-parts can't keep up collected recordings 2019
emergency contact fraud complex 7" 2019
the anemic boyfriends fake i.d 7" 1981/2019
kate fagan come over 7" 1980
spanish dogs atomic shockwaves don't sweat the petty things... 1982
milk from cheltenham triptych of poisoners triptych of poisoners 1983
ludus lullaby cheat the visit 1980
the very things down the final flight the bushes scream while my daddy prunes 1983
dog-faced hermans blessed are the follies those deep buds 1995
jackdaw with crowbar sunk by an iceberg sink! sank! sunk! 1987
prolapse doorstep rhythmic bloc doorstep rhythmic bloc 1994
membranes a strange perfume what nature gives...nature taketh away 2019 *
poison girls ideologically unsound hex 1979
spizzenergi soldier soldier 7" 1979
KUKL man on the cross geyser 1987
family fodder playing golf (with my flesh crawling) 7" 1979
explicit corpse i gotta gistol 1981
pleasure leftists the conversation the gate 2019
les georges leningrad eli eli lamma sabachtani sangue puro 2007
band of susans the pursuit of happiness love agenda 1989
come mercury falls don't ask don't tell 1994
gomme es ist zeit absent healing 2019
gong gong gong notes underground phantom rhythm 2019
low life 92 downer edn 2019 *
deep tissue dead tissue deep tissue 2018
negative gears identifier negative gears 2019 *
thomas leer saving grace saving, drum 1981/2019