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gooey oozy groovy tunes. always weird and always slimey...

Wednesday, July 31, 2019
20:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
saloli barcarolle the deep intro hello!
- - -
cal fish autobiography #4 cassette traveler *
deakin golden chords sleep cycle
sneaks beliefs beliefs
the space lady domine, libra nos / showdown the space lady's greatest hits
glockabelle ne touche pas wolf bbq
olivia neutron-john beguine olivia neutron-john *
- - -
pulgas world gym more like us
pulgas i wanna give you a baby pulgas
mononeon women, water & weed i don't care today
flat ernie sun & moon flat ernie + the aztec death whistle
flat ernie slap your pappy flat ernie + the aztec death whistle
- - -
r mccarthy demo g dick archive: issue 2
steve sobs summer marijuana winter whiskey & summer marijuana
- - -
sides of chaz take my car sweet tea / take me car
blood orange i wanna c u angel's pulse
shmu melting down the glass vish
ooooo, islamiq grrrls live free & die when it's cool live free & die when it's cool
- - -
rupert angeleyes, joey joey michaels honeymoon rupert angeleyes, joey joey michaels
bernache your name your name
frank/ie consent watering hole black holes embodied
- - -
inflatable boy clams boys town inflatable boy clams
gal gracen love fantasy, my beautiful girl blue hearts in exile
the lentils the heart is a lonely mangler botanical castings
jons take me along at work on several things
javelin estevez canyon candy
pete drake forever forever i shed a single tear
- - -
doopees time and space doopee time
buffalo daughter super blooper new rock
buffalo daughter li303ve rediscover
- - -
stephen david heitkotter i don't mind black orchid
have a nice life hunter deathconsciousness
have a nice life earthmover deathconsciousness 1/2; see ya!