Insanity Trials

with Becky Bacchant

subbing for Alice

Sunday, July 28, 2019
08:00 to 11:00

other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments
Kit Watkins Tone 4 Thought Tones Linden Music 2 analog flangers in a continuous feeedback loop, adjusted and left to their own devices
Bernard Szajner Superficial Music 1 Superficial Music The Initial Recording Company Tapes from "Visions of Dune" replayed in reverse at half speed and enhanced with 'devices'.
Janis Mattox Soli Deo Gloria Swarm of Drones Sombient a sombient noir compilation
Michael Stearns Arrival Lyra Sound Constellation Continuum Montage 156 wire sound sculpture
Ellen Fullman & Monique Buzzarte Fluctuation 5 Fluctuations Deep Listening Institute 43 tone scale on "long string instrument" and trombone
Otras (David Reeves) 973.070 Otras FAX
Shadowfarm Ginnar LoFar Down s/r 2010
Leif Inge (Beethoven) b915 9BeetStretch s/r Beethoven's 9th Symphony stretched to 24 hours (excerpt - last ~45 seconds of 1st movement)
Pete Namlook & Dr. Atmo Sweet Angels Silence II FAX
Laura Gibson & Ethan Rose Younger Bridge Carols Holocene Music
Stomu Yamsahta Wind Words Freedom is Frightening Island 1973
Ralph Lundsten Side A Nordisk Natursymfoni Nr 1 ("Stromkarlen") EMI Nardic Naturesymphony No. 1 "The Neck" Op. 75 (1972)
Theme Indoctrination na na Music of Cults (No, they're "religious organizations")
ISKCON students speech na na at Florida University
ISKCON converts in Russia Maha Mantra na na Russian converts chanting
3HO unknown 30 years of 3HO na Sikh cult, Healthy Happy Holy Organization
Snatam Kaur Driving with Aad Guray Nameh Songs and Mantra for Children na popular 3HO singer
3HO Winter Solstice 2013 film by Elena Tchoujtchenko na where do they get this stuff?
Rajneesh Just say yes to the master unknown na Rajneesh (Osho) cult
Sri Chinmoy I am an Idiot unknown na
Devadip Carlos Santana I am Free Oneness Columbia cult of Chinmoy
John Travolta, Frank Stallone, Leif Garrett The Raod to Freedom na na Scientology
Moonies Welcome to the Family na na Unification Church (Moonies)
Frank Zappa Cosmic Debris Apostrophe(') Ryko Deprogramming - Antidote
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult Shock of Point 6 Some Have to Dance, Some Have to Kill Wax Trax