Sipping the Light

with Dj Lightfox

Tuesday, July 23, 2019
20:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album New
Ohmme Fingerprints Ohmme
Ohmme Woman Ohmme
Wanna Know Idealism Wanna Know
Pretty Lights Only Yesterday Only Yesterday
Madison McFerrin Insane Insane (single)
Ani DiFranco Yeah Yr Right Allergic to Water
Bruno Major Easily A Song For Every Moon
Emily King Distance The Swithc
ill-esha The Mirror Hyperbolic Space Crochet
Tor, Frameworks Vaults - Frameworks Remix Blue Book Remixed
Martyn Heyne Curium Electric Intervals
RIZ LA VIE Stay Keep.
DjRum Induction Forgetting EP
ill-esha Climbing Jacob's Ladder Hyperbolic Space Crochet
Lamb Wise Enough 5
Mazde Kuwait Kuwait
Lamb Doves and Ravens Backspace Unwind
Low Leaf Cleansing Incantation Palm Psalms: A Light to Resolve All Darkness
DjRum, Lola Empire Waters Rising Portrait with Firewood
Ruby Rushton Triceratops/The Caller Triceratops/The Caller
Lamb Gabriel What Sound
Ms.Lauryn Hill Just Like Water- Live MTV Unplugged No.2.0
Sabrina Claudio Natural Natural
Matthew Shipp Trio Stage Ten Signature *
noaccordion Response (Soohan Remix) Surrender *
Verzache Hiccup Hiccup
DjRum Honey Seven Lies
H.E.R., Daniel Caesar Best Part (feat. Daniel Caesar) H.E.R.
Danitsa Mr. Business Mr. Business
Sampa The Great Born to Be Blue The Great Mixtape
Kaya Project Desert Child Desert Phase
Sabrina Claudio Confidently Lost Confidently Lost
Gabriel Garzon-Montano Golden Wings Golden Wings
Big Wild Ayahuasca at Night Ayahuasca at Night
Jean Du Voyage, V. Soundara Rajan, Nakshathram Nakshathram
Lauv Paris in the Rain I met you when I was 18 (the playlist)
Jerry Folk, Rainsford Purple Feelings (feat. Rainsford) Purple Evenings
Jean Du Voyage Sensitive Mantra