Scratchy Vinyl

with Tim

that's one small step for man...

Saturday, July 20, 2019
19:00 to 21:00
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Artist Song Album Label New Request
unwed sailor heavy age heavy age self released *
sasami morning comes sasami domino *
Mdou Moctar Asshet Akal illana the creator sahel sounds *
swimming bell wolf wild sight self release d *
all natrual lemon and lime flavors i am were you were single 45 gern bladstern
cosmonaughts crystal star 69 burger *
budos band old engine oil budo band v Daptone *
kishi bashi penny rabbit and summer bear omoiyari joyful noise *
primal scream movin on up screamadelica sire R
buddie vivacious crush live in wprb studio wprb
del close and john brent basic hip beat generation word beat
jimi hendrix experience up from the skies axis bold as love reprise
john drew barrymore chirs columbus digs the jive beat generation /
oscar brown jr but i was cool / /
phillipa fallan high school drag / /
carl sandburg on beatniks / /
the expressos a beatnik story / /
jack keroauic beat generation / /
beverly garland sings about the beatnik / /
bob mcfadden generation beat generation / /
henry jacobs beatniks boheminans and business failures / /
mr know it all how to be a beatnik / /
louis nye teenage beatnik / /
steve bledsoe moon is made of green cheese / /
chuck dellis moon twist / /
bucth paulesen man from mars / /
jackie fauthere first man on mars / /
johnny knoxville going to moon / /
no entry behind the moon / /
cape kennedy construciton company who will be the first one onthe moon / /
president kennedy speech at rice university / /
journey to the moon apollo 11 remix / /
symphony of sci ence a glorious dawn carl sagan / /
choir choir choir space oddity / /
apollo 8 crew christmas eve / /
apollo 11 crew radio chatter tranquility base here the eagle has landed / /
sound of genisis journey to the moon journey to the moon buddah
carpenters calling occupants of interplantery craft / /
starring the best abcdefghijklmnopqestuvwxy Northern Spy
syrup usa people of the lake all over land flydaddy
Mdou Moctar iliana ilaana the creator Sahel Sounds
fruit bats lingering love Gold Past Life merge *
Stereolab wow and flutter remix wow and flutter electra
broken social scence intro /kc accidential / stars and sons you forgot it in the people paper bag
all natrual lemon and lime flavors exploded view single 45 hidden agenda
sound of genisis a walk on the moon journey to the moon Buddah
massargy fire opal fire opal spotted pecary