The Sprawl

with Mickey

Episode 413: Metal Monday II - The Return

Monday, July 15, 2019
14:00 to 17:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments Request Comp
m(etal)f(ace) doom lavender buds special herbs vol. 5 metal face/nature sounds 2003 london/long island C
entombed hollowman hollowman ep earache/columbia 1993 stockholm, sweden
artificial brain absorbing black ignition labyrinth constellation profound lore 2014 valley stream, ny
possessed twisted minds seven churches combat 1985 sf bay area R
windhand three sisters split w/ satan's satyrs relapse 2018 richmond, va
skelethal spectral cemetery/chaotic deviance of the depths... hells headbangers 2017 lille, france
ulthar solitarian cosmovore dark descent 2019 oakland
megadeth the skull beneath the skin killing is my business... and business is good! combat 1985 l.a.
emperor with strength i burn anthems to the welkin at dusk candlelight 1997 notodden, norway
death baptized in blood scream bloody gore combat 1987 orlando
abyssal khyphotic suzerains a beacon in the husk profound lore 2019 u.k.
celtic frost dawn of meggido to mega therion noise 1985 zurich, switzerland
scorched exhibits of torture ecliptic butchery 20 buck spin 2018 delaware
pentagram 20 buck spin first daze here relapse 1973/2001 arlington, va C
gouge breath of the reaper beyond death hells headbangers 2015 kolbotn, norway
grief come to grief come to grief century media 1994 boston
ataraxy one last certainty where all hope fades dark descent 2018 zaragoza, spain
death fortress merciless deluge deathless march of the unyielding endless path 2016 nj
immolation rival the eminent unholy cult olympic 2002 yonkers
kerasphorus locust nexus necronaut 7" nuclear war now! 2011 san francisco
massacre from beyond from beyond earache 1991 tampa
sleep from beyond sleep's holy mountain earache 1992 san jose, ca
vhol plastic shaman vhol profound lore 2013 san francisco
voivod tribal conviction dimension hatross noise 1988 jonquiere, quebec, canada
behold the arctopus resummon the unreaching cognitive emancipation ep hathenter 2016 ny
cromlech when life slips away eschatological horrors dark blasphemies/hells headbangers 1993/2017 kramfors, sweden C
curriculum mortis reaper sentencia de muerte self-released/ultra sonido 1988 lima, peru
black sabbath under the sun (every day comes and goes) vol. 4 warner bros. 1972 birmingham, england