don't back the front

with dana k

Artist Song Album Comments New
desperate bicycles don't back the front 7" 1977
radio birdman new race 7" 1977
thee milkshakes red monkey i am the billy childish 1982/1991
the screamin' mee-mees struckout live from the basement 197?
mike rep and the quotas mama was a schitzo, daddy was a vegetable 7" 2001
cheater slicks my little red book you don't satisfy 1990
the monks shut up black monk time 1966
crime crime wave san francisco's still doomed 1980/2004
rocket from the tombs muckraker the day the earth met the... 2002 (orig mid 70s)
electric eels bunnies the eyeball of hell 2001 (orig 70s)
the grifters cinnamon crappin' you negative 1994
jon spencer blues explosion son of sam 7" 1992
carbonas frothing at the mouth your moral superiors: singles and rarities 2004/2019 *
pagans give til it hurts s/t (the pink album) 1983
the hentchmen plumbline stomp ultra hentch 1994
tav falco's panther burns streamline train panther phobia 2000
the flesh eaters it's my life to live i used to be pretty 2019 *
scientists demolition derby weird love 1986
demolition doll rods hey you TLA 1999
the cramps green fuz psychedelic jungle 1981
laughing hyenas everything i want life of crime 1990
useless eaters the moves singles 2011-2014 2012/2015
goggs pre strike sweep pre strike sweep 2019 *
venom p. stinger tearbucketer tearbucketer 1986
thomas jefferson slave apartments cyclotron bait and switch 1995
rubber city rebels rubber city rebels re-tired 1977/2001
the rats nightline intermittent signals 1981
jay reatard an ugly death matador singles '08 2008
the saints know your product eternally yours 1978
peter laughner dear richard take the guitar player for a ride 1996 (orig. mid 70s, laughner passed in 1977)