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with TB

Thursday, July 11, 2019
20:30 to 22:30
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Artist Song Album New Comp
KRaftwerk Side B ralf anf florian
Lunapark lederhosen gefangene voegel
How its made Season 8 episode 6 prezel segment n/a
Ornette Coleman Bourgeois boogie virgin beauty
Talking Heads Born under punches(the heat goes on) Remain in light
Suburban Lawns Cowboy baby ep
Water Shed Drill Press 7"
**** ****8` ****
Lunapark Diser Tag/Worte gefangene voegel
The Cure Catch kiss me, kiss me
XTC Roads gurdle the globe drums and wires
Tripod Jimmie Jimmie Sings long walk off a short pier
Pere Ubu Misery Goats One man drives while the other man screams
Tiny desk unit Couscous naples ep
the Subteraneanz 2 I want (out loud)
DNA Blonde red head dna on dna
this heat Horizontal hold s/t
US Maple letter to zz top long hair in 3 stages
unknown rose rose six week omnibus-a japanese hardcore compilation ep C
UZeda gold stella
Dazzling killmen Blown (face down) face of collapse
Boredoms Tv Scorpion soul discharge
AIDS wolf we multiply the lovvers ep
Arab on Radar O. Henry the stolen singles
Oneida Antibiotics Each one Teach one
**** **** ****
UZeda Wailing Stella
Uzeda Deep Blue Sea deep blue sea single *
Shellac A Minute at action park
Cherubs Sugary Icing
Unwound Seen not heard a sinlg history: 1991-1997
lync silverspoon glasses these are not fall colors
UI Sleep Hold Answers
Stereolab Diagnols Dots and loops
UI August song Sidelong
The Cure a strange day pornography
My dad is dead too far gone the taller you are, the shorter you get
Lush thoughtforms madlove 12"