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gooey oozy groovy tunes. always weird and always slimey...

Wednesday, July 10, 2019
20:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album
life without buildings the leanover any other city
- - -
connan mockasin, andrew vanwydgarden bad boys bad boys
parsley sound devotions devotions
juana molina in the lassa halo
young marble giants the taxi colossal youth
lily & horn horse on this day & old man lily on horn horse
lily & horn horse look out lily on horn horse
matthew lee cothran little more time my first love mends my final days
julian lynch mare mare
pariah sad song passed lives excessive future
- - -
can you doo right monster movie
- - -
jake tobin i know its easy but sorta upset
petite garcon sylvies coat petite garcon
(sandy) alex g everything is ok (in wichita ka) unreleased 1
porches good book scrap and love songs
deerhoof midnight, the stars and you mignight, the stars and you
- - -
chocolate usa doogie love theme/wysotsky's te all jets are gonna fall today
major organ and the adding machine what a wonderful worms major organ and the adding machine
the music tapes j'attendrai the orbiting human circis
smoke bellow mary 3000 isolation 3000
marshmallow coast forever vangelis rides again
the new sound of numbers frequency transmission systems liberty seeds
laminated cat red devils umbrella weather
- - -
sewer pope surface scum surface scum
mark stewart & the maffia learning to cope with cowardice sherwood at the controls
takako minekawa mirror underwater in a magic lantern toropical circle
kim deal wish i was wish i was
doronco gumo bokutachi no rakuen old punks
tenniscoats yumi wa sukkiri all aboard!