don't sub the front

with dana k

Artist Song Album Comments New
colin newman ...but i commercial suicide 1986
the sun and the moon the speed of life le soleil, la lune 1988
the sound i can't escape myself jeopardy 1980
cowboys international pointy shoes the original sin 1979
uk decay the black cat the black 45 1980
in camera final achievement 7" 1980
glaxo babies it's irrational avon calling: the bristol compilation 1979
nots half painted house 3 2019 *
current affairs buckle up 7" 2019
siouxsie and the banshees nicotine stain the scream 1978
magazine the thin air secondhand daylight 1979
john foxx tidal wave metamatic 1980
the (hypothetical) prophets person to person around the world with the prophets 1982
the diagram brothers bricks 7" 1981
contact constant beat future/past 1979
TV21 snakes and ladders 7" 1981
echo and the bunnymen rescue crocodiles 1980
folk devils beautiful monster goodnight irony 1987
pow! disobey shift 2019
acid drops distance from bromley with love 1981
the beach bullies window shopping we rule the universe 1980/2015
mush everyone loves a casualty ('cept me) induction party 2019
normil hawaiians british warm more wealth than money 1982/2017
dalek i dalek i love you (destiny) 7" 1980
1000 ohm a.g.n.e.s 7' 1979
the human league being boiled 7" 1978
the passage sharp tongue enflame 1983
experiments with ice circus circus s/t 1981
bauhaus st. vitus dance in the flat field 1980
virgin prunes caucasian walk ...if i die, i die 1982
temple of angels permanent twilight foiled 2018
the cure all cats are grey faith 1981
a.c. marias one of our girls (has gone missing) one of our girls (has gone missing) 1989
blue orchids the flood 7" 1980
dance chapter anonymity 7" 1980
alternative tv still-life the image has cracked 1978
einsturzende neubauten haus der luge haus der luge 1989
d.a.f alle gegen alle alle ist gut 1981