don't back the front

with dana k

Artist Song Album Comments
tall dwarfs log weeville 1990
thinking fellers union local 282 cup of dreams strangers from the universe 1994
world of pooh mr. coffee-nerves the land of thirst 1989
big butter fogalopes big day first ep 1988
departmentstore santas photo album of baby at the medieval castle nineteen 100-year lifetimes since 1984
r. stevie moore she don't know what to do with herself phonography 1978
mayo thompson the lesson corky's debt to his father 1970
strapping fieldhands the author in her ear wattle & daub 1996
the shaggs my pal foot foot philosophy of the world 1969
the fabulous marquises honeymoons 7" 1980
slapp happy everybody's slimmin' acnalbasac noom 1980
holy modal rounders my mind capsized the moray eels eat the holy modal rounders 1968
comus diana first utterance 1971
faust it's a rainy day, sunshine girl so far 1972
sun city girls circus haddam valentines from matahari 1993
the dead c speed kills DR503 1988
a handful of dust logopandocy a little aesthetic discourse 1992
the scene is now habit burn all your records 1985
arthur russell make 1, 2 calling out of context 2004
bill nelson the shadow garden from brussels with love 1980
moondog the witch of endor moondog 1969
only a mother you may just be the one damned pretty snout 1998
aksak maboul a modern lesson un peu de l'ame des bandits 1980
the residents the festival of death eskimo 1979