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gooey oozy groovy tunes. always weird and always slimey...

Wednesday, June 26, 2019
20:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album New Request
aldous harding fixture picture designer *
- - -
room thirteen crazy from the heat roccopulco
ramona cordova secret prayer on paper
suicide dominic christ a way of life
reptile tile we are not a cult reptile tile vs human man
- - -
teen suicide wild thing runs free it's the big joyous celebration, let's stir the honeypot
sneaks someone like that gymnastics
applesauce tears i'm gonna work on maggie's farm part time pastoral
sean nicholas savage come back to me flamingo
drool end girl drool
ryan power rag rug i don't want to die
katie dey (f5) flood network
- - -
spencer radcliffe bloodletting hot spring
grant pavol nested okay *
avey tare taken boy cows on hourglass pond *
- - -
hello ocho juffy lube bathroom the slippery hand
zack mexico suzuki get rich and live forever
laraaji i can only bliss out (f'days) vision songs, vol.1
froth department head duress
zoos of berlin white cloud instant evening
- - -
juniore en cavale ouh la la
mount kimbie you look certain (i'm not sure) love what survives
jake tobin without much thought accidentally on purpose
scubaz the vanishing american family the vanishing american family
good morning tv storm rider good morning tv
- - -
dog leather troll spray greezy man and stinky man meets smutty ranks on tarantula hill
billy mcfeely right refrigerator graveyard
the blank tapes super bloom super bloom
the blank tapes jreaming super bloom
lucrecia dalt edge anticlines
- - -
eartheater peripheral irisiri
eartheater inclined irisiri
carla dal forno the same reply you know what it's like
palberta prolly for the best hot on the beach
- - -
banny grove so happy so good 4 partners road
knife wife dogs dogs R
water from your eyes saw them lie all a dance
lily & horn horse next to me, pt. 1 next to me
lily & horn horse control myself next to me