Two States: Local Music From Both Sides of the Delaware River

with Maria T

Your new favorite band just happens to live around the corner from you.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005
16:00 to 19:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
diplo sarah florida big dada
a sides sorry cloud hello hello prison jazz
aszusa plane strings 4 america is dreaming of universal string theory colorful clouds for acoustics the pre-mazarin project of quentin stoltzfus
pearls before swine drop out! the complete ESP disk recordings ESP-disk *
george draguns tandoori nightmares huffing gas s/r *
capitol years supper meet yr acres full frame
walker lundee vodka soda #3 demo
the toms i wanna be a teen again yellow pills numero group C
panama philadelphia s/t two street recordings
man man black mission goggles Live on WPRB 1/4/05 WPRB
thee minks gorilla are you ready now steel cage shandells cover *
undergirl orange she's too much for my mirror scarlet a
fiction romance trash the ep s/t *
alkali flats -- outen the light s/r
lenola inside the golden days of missing you the electric tickle tappersize a lovely joos cover. R
audible sunday bell sky signal polyvinyl
trouble with sweeney the breakup i know you destroy burnt toast
one star hotel frustrated and free good morning, west gordon stereo field
denison witmer ringing of the bell tower are you a dreamer? the militia group
eltro motorboat pat & present futurists absolutely kosher
flowchart rain boa bye cumulus mood twang carrot top
hisoft faith hoags hot dog city C
electric love muffin a better song second third time around buy our R
cordalene isnt the sun red ep manic pop thrill
andrew chalfen stoplight roses luzerne s/r
cynthia g mason surprise az believer comp believer magazine richard buckner * C
photon band outerspace its a lonely planet darla
king god get perfect is that blood on your sleeve? hot dog city *
national eye husk & kettle the meter glows feel
the perfectionists welcome / the smile song 7" extracurricular bye matt!
mikey wild & the magic lanterns i wuz punk before you were punk i was punk b4 u were punk bulb
the blow goes hoofbeats seven cuts rivers edge
kings ransom shame allentown anglophile distortions C
the nutley brass i wanna be sedated ramones songbook the medicine label
ted leo & the pharmacists timorous me tyranny of distance lookout
the jane anchor give me a reason second wave lark lane
spent excuse me while i drink myself to death songs of drinking and rebellion merge