don't back the front

with dana k

Artist Song Album Comments
desperate bicycles don't back the front 7" 1977
rote kapelle you don't know san francisco again 1988
del amitri sense sickness 7" 1983
tynal tywyll '73 heb flares 7" 1986
ail symudiad ad-drefnu 7" 1980
datblygu braidd hwr-grath-og 1986
kilgore trout seventh dog bad puddings 1989
the lines not through windows memory span 1979/2008
the room one hundred years 7" 1982
the farmer's boys i think i need help 7" 1982
laugh shed caved in let's try another ideal guest house 1987
laugh paul mccartney 7" 1987
pulp my lighthouse it 1983
a house my little lighthouse on our big fat merry go round 1988
microdisney dolly everybody is fantastic 1984
prefab sprout don't sing swoon 1984
cleaners from venus song for syd barrett under wartime conditions 1984
television personalities i know where syd barrett lives (demo) whaam! bam! thank you dan 198?/1995
trixie's big red motorbike invisible boyfriend a splash of red 7" 1982
jimmy nipper five two wasted years messthetics #101 1981/2006
scritti politti confidence 4 a sides 1979
wasteland our radio nation burns want not EP/messthetics #4 1979
the suede crocodiles walking in the light stop the rain 198?
meat whiplash don't slip up 7" 1985
visitors moth electric heat 7" 1979
emotion pictures rescue remedy they say space is cold 7" 1980
marc riley with the creepers shadow figure shadow figure 1984
bogshed loaf (peel session) peel session 1987
jesse garon and the desperadoes grand hotel nixon 1990
rote kapelle fire escape 7" 1988