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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments
kim jung mi haenim now
laetitia sadier one million year trip the trip of stereolab
- - -
laetitia sadier double voice, extra voice find me finding you
young marble giants n.i.t.a. colossal youth
young marble giants eating noddemix colossal youth
the raincoats red shoes odyshape
- - -
agape rejoice tribal rites
trad gras och stenar satisfaction gardet 12.6.70 stones cover
goat trouble in the streets requiem
- - -
cory mcabee mud small star seminar
cory mcabee silence small star seminar
matmos les folies franciases supreme balloon
matmos cloudhoppers supreme balloon
thou the hammer inconsolable
- - -
dick stusso in heaven in heaven
the electric prunes onie i had too much to dream (last night)
kim chu ja what am i going to do from where to where
yamasuki singers yama yama la monde fabuleux des yamasuki
harumi fire by the river harumi
top drawer song of a sinner forge your own chain
- - -
jeffrey lewis water leaking, water moving a turn in the dream-songs
mecca normal man thinks woman jarred up
shirley ann lee there's a light songs of light
pastor t.l. barrett and the youth for christ choir like a ship like a ship (without a sail)
- - -
jib kidder dreams inside of dreams dreams inside of dreams
jib kidder give u up dreams inside of dreams
pleasure systems eden vision terraform
lucky dragons all these wires between us dark falcon
lucky dragons mercy dark falcon
lucky dragons i'd play at the rotunda dark falcon
ooioo 5002 ooioo
ooioo emeraldragonfly gold & green
ecstatic sunshine washing machine who's who in paradise
- - -
terrestrial tones perfume dead drunk