Music With Space

with Michael Hunter

Music for the space between your left and right ears

Friday, May 17, 2019
23:00 to 03:00
Electronic, Drone, Ambient & Avant-Garde
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Artist Song Album Label Comments Comp
Bluetech Gethen (ft. Yalma) Sci-Fi Lullabies Behind the Sky Music 23:05:55
Brannan Lane & Vidna Obmana Deep Unknown 2 Deep Unknown Self Release 23:11:20
Loscil & Fieldhead Helluland Fury and Hecla Gizeh Records 23:23:58
Fripp & Eno Altair The Equatorial Stars Discipline Global Mobile 23:29:34
Copal River Blood Red Bloom Ancara Earth Mantra 23:34:31
Dan Pound Part 1 Trance Meditation PoundSounds 23:45:19
David Parsons Trance: Formation Shaman Celestial Harmonies 23:58:13
Dutch Space Mission Mission Space 5 Mission Space 5 Self Release 00:11:12
Gel-Sol Iz Iz Psychonavigation Records 00:28:29
Erik T' Sas & Matthew Florianz Molenstraat 3 Molenstraat H/S Recordings 00:35:16
Express Rising Daniel Fern Express Rising Self Release 00:46:57
Markus Reuter Monde, Volume 1 Full Moons Iepetus/Audio Anatomy 00:54:02
Not Your Average Hippy Watching Leaves Fall Stones Blue Water Records 01:04:33
Fanger & Schonwolder Feat. Lutz Ulbrich Echo Gods Analog Overdose Manakin Records 01:11:54
Jeffrey Fayman & Robert Fripp The Pillars of Hercules A Temple In The Clouds Projekt Records 01:21:57
Graham Getty Part 1 The lattice Retrochet Records 01:37:05
Gustaf Hildebrandt Dead Transmissions Starscape Cyclic Law 01:43:23
Sinoia Caves 1983 - Main Titles Beyond The Black Rainbow Death Waltz Recording Company /Jagjaguwar 01:51:37
Perrey & Kingsley Spooks in Space Vanguard Visionaries Vanguard 01:54:38 C
Harmonia & Eno 76 Sometimes in Autumn Tracks and Traces Gronland Records 01:56:28
Numina & Caul Decent into Darkness Inside The Hollow Realm Gestalt Records 02:12:04
O Yuki Conjugate Last Undercurrents (In Dark Water) Staalplaat 02:20:13
Phil Thornton Kiss of the Sorcerer Sorcerer New World Music 02:26:043
Saul Stokes Eta Car Is A Massive Star Villa Galaxia Hypnos/Binary 02:46:22
The Equinox Project Ankor Watt Waiting for Spring Self Release 03:01:48