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Tuesday, May 14, 2019
20:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Comments
swamp children boy so hot + singles
don king street of dreams one-two punch
- - -
kevin hewick & new order haystack tender bruises and scars
thick pigeon subway miranda dali 45 version
- - -
plum professional not basketball employee handbook
wei zhongle snapchat the operators
wei zhongle nosejob the operators
sedcairn archives 4 what they / castrol oobydoob
parsley sound stevie parsley sounds
- - -
showtime goma propel smiley face
lucy break even (little prayer) best of lucy vol 2: 2015-2017
macabre plaza looking back with such great memories only to realize that they were never there, or were they? macabra plaza
macabra plaza this song is always playing in a horses head macabra plaza
the creatures miss the girl a bestiary of
this heat a new kind of water "fame" of jon savage's secret history of post-punk 1978-81
- - -
jake tobin specific people torment
birthing hips i want this place impeccable urge to merge
bb eye headcheese heartthrob headcheese heartthrob
guerilla toss grass shack eraser stargazer
red sea cowgirl's blood in the salon
red sea in the salon in the salon
hello ocho orange peel in portuguese
- - -
indifferent dance centre flight & pursuit flight & pursuit
dravier parasail spirit channels
michelle mercure de dunk beside herself
richard jobson night of crystal the ballad of etiquette
- - -
white noise love without sound an electric storm
23 skidoo language urban gamelan 12" 45 dub version
writhing squares i turned to the mirror out of the ether
- - -
writhing squares a whole new jupiter out of the ether
blues control city of love frkwys vol 8: blues control & laraaji
- - -
hissanol angra 4th and back