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with TB

Wednesday, May 8, 2019
01:00 to 03:00
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Artist Song Album Label New Request Comp
US Maple 2. the wanderer by dion by us maple Sonic Bubblegum
Uzeda the milky way different section wires Touch & Go
G.L.O.S.S. G.L.O.S.S. (we're the future) demo s/r
US Maple letter to zz top Long Hair in Three Stages Skin Graft
Scornflakes Side A scorn in the usa birdoprey
Big Black Ergot Songs About Fucking
Chinese stars arson hotline turbo mattress Skin Graft
US Maple Magic Job Long Hair in Three Stages Skin Graft
Uzeda female different section wires Touch & Go
Sonic Youth kill yr. idols subpop 100 sub Pop C
Rusted Shut godstrike hot sex EP Dull Knife
Doomsday Student LSD Mom a self-help tragedy
Arab on Radar Samurai Fight song Stolen Singles thee one g
**** Break ****
Uzeda Higher Than me 4" Touch & Go
S. Process B2 Approximately 20 minutes of music 12"ep track star
Sonic Youth the burning spear s/t s/r
UI August Song sidelong Southern
Echo & the Bunnymen The Killing Moon The Killing moon 12"
Christian Death La crima cristi The Wind Kissed Pictures
Joy Division Dead Souls still
Scars leave me in autum author! author!
Sugarcubes Regina here today. tomorrow, next week!
Suburban Lawns Baby baby
The Lo Yo Yo Learning to Fly extra weapons
Tripod Jimmie Hall of Fame unclaimed freight
Sad Horse soft mommy greatest hits
Crack CLoud Philosopher's Calling s/t deranged *
Crack Cloud Swish Swash s/t deranged *
Sad Horse gimme gimme greatest hits
**88 Break **
Ui Laceria lifelike
Huge Mall some kind of mosnter split w/ wrinkle *
Huge Mall Loudest explosion ever loudest explosion ever s/r *
Ada Babar Can't Get MIDI Thru 2 U Nino Tomorrow
Body meat Terra Normal worlds largest drum R
Body Meat Shopping truck music *
Lupe Diaz Its Beena subpop 100 subpop C
Kasra Kurt Rough RUg nino tomorrow Nino Tomorrow
Lil Pocket Knife Red Hott pannt control
Neu! Negativland s/t
Kohei Amada, Sugai Ken shinshunfu shinshunfu e.m. *
Phillip Glass` Part 7 Music in 12 Parts