with PAX & peppermint pig


Tuesday, April 30, 2019
20:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album
ethan soost it's ok to kill me rain filled the room i slept in
- - -
luge platinum baby actual rock n roll
phern excavator cool coma
luge hello jalapeno actual rock n roll
hellier ulysses sleeping plant ulysses hellier
the spirit of the beehive future looks bright (it's blinding) pleasure suck
caribou irene andorra
- - -
soapkills herzan enta fen
msafiri zawose nzala urugu uhamiaji
tune-yards hatari bird-brains
- - -
animal collective college tung songs
animal collective bet you'll fly spirit they're gone, spirit they've vanished
joe meek & the blue men i hear a new world i hear a new world
heavy in pocket eat me up eat me up
- - -
enjoy you mean a lot small car big wheels
the garden no destination mirror might steal your charm
- - -
dead boys sonic reducer young loud & snotty
blues control sleep mode my afterlife is so boring ii
blues control track 7 my afterlife is so boring ii
blues control forever falling my afterlife is so boring ii
gary wilson 6.4 = make out you really think you know me
gary wilson debbie debbie mary had brown hair
- - -
cowgirl clue cherry jubilee cherry jubilee
true blue true blue edge of
porches franklin the flirt slow dance in the cosmos
porches permanent loan slow dance in the cosmos
facs exit like you negative houses
helvetia harbored the acrobats
- - -
forth wanderers slop slop ep
telstar drugs pulley sonatine
the spirit of the beehive nail i couldn't bite hypnic jerks
flashlight o wooden flooring the truman sho
jerry paper gracie ii toon time raw!
- - -
radiator hospital big cloud something wild
strawberry switchblade trees and flowers 1982 4 piece demo
- - -
ever ending kicks singer meet hearer notion free
tonstartssbandht 5ft7 an when
anna domino trust, in love east and west