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with TB


Wednesday, April 24, 2019
01:00 to 03:00
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Artist Song Album New
PRefrab Sprout wild horses the comeback
Praxis Side a 1984
Blurt congregate smoke time
Eric serra Korben Dallas 5th element
dead can dance ullyses The serpent's egg
*** break **8
Body meat Terra normal worlds largest drum
Plantasia plantasia plantasia
Lily & Horn Horse Staring at the plants next to me
Blurt The tree is dead, long live the tree Smoke time
Lucy we love tomorrow best of lucy Vol 2: 2015-2017
Low Red Center tropicalize s/t
Yip-yip High Heel to Mammal pro twelve thinker
body meat 2 again truck music *
yip-yip banger:an eating contest pro twelve thinker
Praxis nbs-x 1984
Cabo Boing sunshine man Blob on a Grid
Lily & Horn Horse next to me pt 2. next to me
huge mall Loudest explosion ever loudest explosion ever
*** breka ***
Cabaret Voltaire Yashar Eight Crepuscle Tracks
kajagoogoo islands islands
yellow magic orchestra 1000 knives BGM
Pataphysics big mouth s/t
oblongs boys 4. Pizzazarama
Numbera Palo Alto 3" split
*** break ***
Arab on radar inventor Stolen Singles
Algebrassiere esquire escot A Chronology
Palberta nose/ode to honey/trick ya Bye Bye Berta
Big Black passing complexion atomizer