don't back the front

with dana k

Artist Song Album Comments New
desperate bicycles don't back the front 7" 1977
danny and the dressmakers eggs on legs messthetics greatest hiss 2008 (orig. late 70s)
lack of knowledge we're looking for people grey EP 1983
da! dark rooms dark rooms 1981
the world white radish reddish 2019
glaxo babies shake the foundations nine months to the disco 1980
mofungo hunter gatherer out of line 1983
conditioner disco group over documented cdglp 2019
amoebas in chaos nuclear tofu on to mayday 1982
mizutama shobodan travel pack vaccuum maid's prayer sounds like da-da-da! 1981
french vanilla all the time how am i not myself? 2019 (forthcoming)
the cool greenhouse landlords 7" 2019
they must be russians psycho analysis split 7" 1979
omni delicacy 7" 2019
crack cloud philosopher's calling crack cloud 2018 *
urochromes hair so big trope house 2019
coolies punks not bread kaka 2015
god is my co-pilot cool puss O2 1995
nerve beats ascetic s/t 2019
the snakes snakes bday s/t 2019
your food corners poke it with a stick 1983/2018
ahoe-ahoea baseballgame true love never dies 1983/2016
the ex lied der steinkopfler singles. period. 1990/2005
ut sick conviction 1986
dawn of humans horse blind slurping at the cosmos spin 2015
institute dazzle paint readjusting the locks 2019 (forthcoming)
rakta estrela da manha falha comum 2019
?fog move your brain 7" 1985/2019
bryony beynon black cardigans raise your voice joyce 2018
dry rib suspense whose last trickle 2008 (orig. late 70s)