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with TB

Wednesday, April 10, 2019
01:00 to 03:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
Psycadelic Furs Sister Europe s/t
Headless Chickens Cruise Control SOB mix Cruise Control 12"
Sugarcubes Regina here today. tomorrow, next week!
Do you wana rock zola space chimps sound track
Prefab Sprout Wild Horses Jordan: The Comeback
**** break **8
Ada Babar Its Loud outside Nino Tomorrow
Lily & Horn Horse and Banny Grove Amanda and Janah*/ Tree*/ So Happy So Good^ Split 4 partners on the road Nicey Music 2019 Lily* Banny ^
Boothe eggs are 0's 8 or 9 walled room nino Tommorrow 2019
Boothe Finders, Keepers 8 or 9 walled room Nino Tomorrow 2019
Body meat ed conga redux Citrus City 2017
Nancy Strong sprinkle SkiN bOy s/r 2018
Body meat Mecha drift redux Citrus City 2017
Cal Fish Is is Jood? Cazette travellah s/r 2015
Wilt Hardtoothe floors two songs from awhile ago that you can now download s/r 2017
Nancy Strong Animal Lite SkiN bOy s/r 208
Pataphysics Big Mouth Take a Look Out Your Window buisness deal 2008
*** break ***
Lily & Horn Horse and Banny Grove Little car 2^/ The End* Split 4 partners on the road nicey music 2019
Brian Eno Burning airlines give you so much more Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) Jem 1982
Eyes of love Millionare End of the game 2018
Cal fish Where was andrew jacksons assassin Fight for free s/r 2016
Sun Ra & His Arkestra Moonship Journey Cosmos
Neu! La Bomba (Stop Apartheid world wide) Neu! 86
Huge Mall Loudest explosion ever loudest explosion ever
Frank Zappa Stink Foot Apostrophe'
*** break ***
KIRKco. American Industries inc. I am a rockin' guy Bang Bang crash buzz break totally awesome and off you go s/r the 90's
KIRKco. American Industries inc. so lets rock Bang Bang crash buzz break totally awesome and off you go s/r the 90's i think
MICHEAL PHILLIP WOJEWODA a young toronto s/t
Faust Jennifer Faust IV Virgin 1992
dead can dance Ulyesses The serpent's egg
Laraaji I can only bliss out (f'days) vision songs - vol. 1
Laraaji All of a sudden vision songs - vol. 1
Porrige Bullet Any where in the US is a party s/t