The Dichotomy of Self-Help

with deirdre dionysiac

the world spins, i'm part of it

Tuesday, April 9, 2019
14:00 to 17:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments

SENSATIONS' FIX dark side of religion music is painting in the air (1974 - 1977) rvng intl. 2012, Florence.
SYRINX hollywood dream trip tumblers from the vault (1970-1972) rvng intl. 2016, Toronto.
YANN TOMITA when cherry blossoms are blown in the wind an adventure of inevitable chance audio science laboratory 1994, Japan.
{~u~n~d~e~r~~m~i~c~} KEDGE gate to the mood complete samples fairland, nec avenue 1988, Japan.
CHINA CRISIS the world spins, i'm part of it flaunt the imperfection virgin 1985, UK.
PAULINE ANNA STROM emerald pool trans-millenia consort ether ship records 1982, San Francisco.
ELICOIDE mitosi elicoide moon record 1987, Italy.
FRANCESCO MESSINA fine novecento medio occidente casablanca 1983, Italy.
CLIFFORD WHITE daddy long legs spring fantasy new world music, invincible 1987, UK.
CLAIRE HAMILL spring: moss voices coda records 1986, UK.
FOODMAN desert road shokuhin orange milk 2012, Japan.
ZIAD RAHBANI bisaraha houdou nisbi relax-in 1995, Lebanon.
MIHARU KOSHI scandal night tutu yen records 1983, Japan.
JON ROSE techno soap violin music for supermarkets megaphone 1994, Australia.
OSWALDO LARES canto de pilon musica de venezuela 1972-81 tal 2017, Venezuela.
{~u~n~d~e~r~~m~i~c~} LO KINDRE wisdom teeth dub plant up optimo music 2017, UK.

AIN SOPH untitled iii i self-released 1984, Italy.
ENSEMBLE PITTORESQUE auratorium for this is past clogsontronics 1983, Netherlands.
JAKI WHITREN & JOHN CARTWRIGHT this time that will be that emotional rescue ~1983/2018, UK.
+ the caretaker stage 4 post awareness confusions (excerpt) everywhere at the end of time - stage 4 history always favours the winners 2018, UK.
KEVIN GODLEY & LOL CREME seascape / wind consequences mercury 1977, UK.
CHAKRA scarlet woman pentagram & la gitana marabo 1976, UK.
ANDRE STORDEUR nang na nang 18 days igloo 1979, Belgium.
ED TOMNEY aquatic chronicle audio by visual artists tellus #21 1988, New York.
MIEKO SHIOMI requiem for george maciunas (excerpt) requiem for george maciunas self-released 1990, Japan.
GRUPPO DI IMPROVVISAZIONE CONSONANZA omaggio a giacinto scelsi musica su schemi cramps records 1976, Italy.

{~u~n~d~e~r~~m~i~c~} HARUOMI HOSONO mercuric dance mercuric dance monad records 1985, Japan.
+ francis dhomont citadelle anterieures sous le regard d'un soleil noir ina-grm 1982, Paris.
DAVID PARSONS tree spirits sounds of the mothership sun energy communications 1980, New Zealand.
+ precipitation . meditations on the self and other videogamemusic 2015, Vancouver.
AI ASO ka mi tsu re no o o ki na mi zu ta ma ri chamomile pool pedal records 2007, Japan.
JERITREE through your blue veil jeritree's house of many colours sea wave records 1978, Michigan.
FRANCIS BEBEY super jingle african electronic music 1975-1982 born bad records 2011, Cameroon/France.
POSITIVE MESSENGER wind over eden (4trk demo) unreleased . 1981
[end credits] YANN TOMITA c'ya! ~ memories of tape recorder an adventure of inevitable chance audio science laboratory 1994, Japan.