Flat Circle Radio Hour

with Pup

Sunday, April 7, 2019
12:00 to 17:00
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Artist Song Album Label New
John Simon Living In The Land Of Sunshine Journey Warner Bros
Pulgas Ask Alex Pulgas Self-Release
Ron Everett Glitter of the City Glitter of the City Vagabond King
Roger Rodier Just Fine Upon Velveatur Columbia
Jessica Pratt Fare Thee Well Quiet Signs Mexican Summer *
Captain Beefheart Kandy Korn Mirror Man Buddah Records
Palm Walnut Shadow Expert Carpark
Hermit Thrushes Purple Flower Potsherd Gold Meadow Single Girl Married Girl
Alice Cooper Fields of Regret Pretties For You Straight
Benny Soebardja The End of the World Gimme A Piece of Gut Rock SM
Manfred Mann Chapter III Sometimes Manfred Mann Chapter III Vertigo
Maulawi Nururdin Root In 7/4 Plus Maulawi Strata Records
Black MIDI Speedway Speedway 12" Self-Release
Gong Gong Gong Something's Happening Siren 7" Wharf Cat *
Infinity Dance Complex State These Rules Nino Tomorrow
Kero Kero Bonito Sometimes Time 'n' Place Polyvinyl *
Judee Sill Emerald River Dance (Home Recording) Dreams Come True - Lost Songs Water
Boards of Canada Jacquard Causeway Tomorrow's Harvest Warp
Beak > The Gaol >> Invada