The All-Ages Show

with paddy

music that's not just for grownups

Saturday, August 6, 2005
13:00 to 14:30
featuring a weekly storytime and frequent guests

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Artist Song Album Label Comments Request Comp
Rick Scott Eh, Canada Rick Around the Rock s/r Eddap and I are back from vacation -- a road trip to Canada. So we've decided to share our experience by playing some songs about the country
The Magpies The Canadian Surfer's Rap Quest for the Infinite Pizza s/r
Splash 'n Boots This is Our Home Manatee Bay s/r
Sam Glaser Family Vacation Soap Soup s/r Traveling by car thru Canada, Eddap had a lot of questions along the way -- well, mostly one question: "Are We There Yet?"
Jamie Broza Are We There Yet? Bad Mood Mom s/r
Car-i-oke Momma Don't Allow All-American Car-i-oke Workman Publishing
Car-i-Oke Backseat Boogie Woogie All-American Car-i-Oke Workman Publishing CD/Book giveaway: Congratulations to Kristen from Shalfont, Pa.
Pam Blanchard and the Sunnyside Up Band In the Backseat Let's Share It s/r
Paddytales Millions of Cats Wanda G'ag read on air
Billy Jonas What Kind of Cat Are You? What Kind of Cat Are You? s/r
Cathy and Marcy Ten Cats Down A Cathy and Marcy Collection for Kids Rounder R
Graham Clarke The Cat Came Back Graham and Delores s/r Eddap hates this song (so, of course, we had to play it)
Stray Cats Stray Cat Strut Hit Me WIth Your 80's Box Hip-O R C
David Fry The Cat Came Back I Like Peanut Butter s/r Eddap REALLY hates this song!
C. Shells Where's the Cat C. Shells s/r
B-Zots How Much is that Elephant? Powered Up s/r
Laura Linney Please, Can I keep It? Philadelphia Chickens Rounder
John Foley's Radar Rangers The Cat Came Back Short Folk Songs (For Short Folks) s/r Eddap REALLY REALLY hates this song!!! (And now, I don't think he's too fond of me either, for playing it three times in one show!)