Flat Circle Radio Hour

with Pup

Sunday, March 31, 2019
14:00 to 16:00
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Artist Song Album Label New
Wharp & Rom Computers Radical American Hippy Kraut Astro Nautico
K. Leimer The Cockpit Land of Look Behind Palace of Lights
Marcus Belgrave Glue Fingers Pt. 2 Gemini II Tribe
June Chikuma Dual Use Les Archives Freedom to Spend
Zottrro Zottrro Zottrro Youuoy *
Pheeroan Ak Laff 3 in 1 House of Spirit: Mirth Passin' Thru
Clock DVA White Cell Thirst Expanded Music
Rev. Charlie Jackson This Old Building ft. Laura Davis God's Got It: The Legendary Booker and Jackson Singles CaseQuarter *
Spiritual Concept Let's Take It All Spiritual Concept Philadelphia International Records
Ben Loomis & Flanafi My Time Hoss Flat Self-Release *
Chris Cohen No Time to Say Goodbye Chris Cohen Captured Tracks
Pisces Mary A Lovely Sight Numero Group
John Bender 45A2 People Plaster Falling Superior Viaduct
Jeff Cowell And When Lucky Strikes and Liquid Gold Self-Release
Headroom New Heaven New Heaven Ever/Never *
Else Marie Pade Illustrationer: Havkongens Slot Electronic Works 1958-1995 Important
Jon Hassell Empire V Aka Darbari Java Editions EG
Maulawi Root In 7/4 Plus Maulawi Strata
Gramm Non-Relations Personal Rock Source Records
Lloyd McNeill Quartet Home Rule Washington Suite ASHA Recording Co
Sarah Davachi Mordents Let Night Come On Bells End The Day Recital
Roy Harper How Does It Feel Flat Baroque and Beserk Harvest
Midwife RTD Pt. 2 Like Author, Like Daughter Whited Sepulchre
Filarmonica Fraude Digo Dai Epopeia Philips
Benny Soebardja The End Of The World Gimme A Piece of Gut Rock SM
Hiroshi Yoshimura View From My Window Wave Notation 1: Music For Nine Postcards Sound Process
Creative Arts Ensemble All Praises Due One Step Out Nimbus West