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OH MAN!!!!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019
20:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
sneaks highway hypnosis highway hypnosis *
harmless get better harmless fantasies
harmless painfully obvious harmless fantasies
homeshake another thing helium *
homeshake couch cushion helium *
lower dens i got nervous twin-hand movement
hinds solar gap leave me alone
avey tare saturdays (again) cows on hourglass pond
panda bear inner monologue buoys
don caballero ones all over the place american don
built to spill liar you in reverse
sebadoh soul and fire bubble & scrape
grandaddy he's simple, he's dumb, he's the pilot the sophtware slump
the microphones i want wind to blow the glow pt 2
michael hurley penguins armchair boogie
michael hurley i paint a design wolfways
the wedding present she's my best friend seamonsters velvet underground cover
big star femme fatale third velvet underground cover
yo la tengo i'm set free genius + love = yo la tengo velvet underground cover
the beach boys be still friends
the beach boys caroline, no pet sounds
vansire eleven weeks the rolling, driftless north
julie cool triceratops demo
julie cool i don't mind demo
balue good reason wavy daze
kurt inder oranges bits n pisses
lev snowe when i look back when i look back
arbes 45 swimmer
arbes key largo swimmer
mini dresses heaven sent heaven sent
mini dresses lady running heaven sent
loving the not real lake loving
floor cry happy together covers
blonde tongues when you come down blue blonde tongues
orchid mantis yellow house yellow house
pleasure plateau young and free memory foam
ruby haunt freeway crush sugar
ruby haunt the death of ruby sugar