don't back the front

with dana k

Artist Song Album Comments New
desperate bicycles don't back the front 7" 1977
the flesh eaters the wedding dice forever came today 1982
johnny and the self-abusers dead vandals 7" 1977
skiftande enheter 33 single sided LP 2019
the beakers four steps towards a cultural revolution four steps towards a cultural revolution 2004 (orig. early 80s - seattle)
puritan guitars Ł100 in 15 minutes 7" 1980
the uv race mr. blame made in china 2019
bay of pigs addiction plastic pig 1987
sparks so tell me mrs. lincoln aside from that how was the play? hippopotamus 2019 *
to the finland station domino theory 7" 1982
let's active lowdown cypress 1984; rip sara romweber
nnb slack 7" 1978; minneapolis
speed the plough river street s/t 1988
sacred paws the conversation run around the sun 2019
the english teeth born brilliant the amazing singing record, vol. one 2017 *
the jesus and mary chain you trip me up 12" 1985
tight knit too hot 7" 2019
the uranium club michael's soliloquy the cosmo cleaners 2019
tin huey robert takes the road to lieber nawash breakfast with the hueys 1978
the sticks under pressure scrapes 2010
freak genes waxing moon III LP 2019
the dodgems i don't care vaultage 78 1978
the monochrome set i don't know early recordings 1975-1977 2010 (orig mid 70s)
wimp factor 14 i'll send you a postcard train song 7" 1991
pounding serfs big foot s/t 1989
busted statues blue cheer bands that could be god 1984
pregnant neck crispin glover shenanegan-esque rapscalianismz!! 1990
soot long walk home pockmarked with... soot! 2019
bpeople you at eight 7" 1981
alien nosejob buffet of love 12" EP 2019
basking sharks croatia shark island 1983