with DJ William de Vere

Friday, March 22, 2019
06:30 to 09:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
13 Ghosts--Moore--Bailey Flight to blackout Legend of the Blood Yeti Infinite Chug
Sam Pluta Portraits II. Peter Evans with Analysis/Resynthesis and Other Live-Processing Techniques Wet Ink Ensemble 20 Carrier Mixed with Blood Yeti
Anthony Braxton Composition No. 56 Wet Ink Ensemble 20 Also mixed with Blood Yeti
Biznaga Heroes of No Sentido del Espectaculo Slovenly *

It's Currently 7AM EDT
Deerhunter Death in Midsummer Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? 4AD *
Rose Droll Riddle Your Dog Father Daughter
Grandaddy The Group Who Couldn't Say Sumday V2 Records
Jessica Pratt Poly Blue Quiet Signs Mexican Summer *
Sneaks Holy Cow I Never Saw a Girl Like Here Highway Hypnosis Merge *
Bang on a Can meets Kyaw Kyaw Nag Improvisation Bang on a Can meets Kyaw Kyaw Nag Cantaloupe
Tobacco Dimension Hum Sweatbox Dynasty
Ty Segall The Longer (Neil Young) Fudge Sandwich
The Proletariat Famine Soma Holiday S-S RECORDS
Ravi Shavi Riding High Blackout Delux Almost Ready Records *
Bjork Pleasure is All Mine Medulla Elektra
Stalins of Sound Monkeys Attack Tank Tracks Slovenly
Ada Babar & Kasra Kurt The Receipt Nino Tomorrow
Ada Babar & Kasra Kurt Can't Get MIDI Thru 2 U Nino Tomorrow
Ada Babar & Kasra Kurt The Second Time Nino Tomorrow All from 2017

America is a cool place mostly.
Voltaire Brothers I Sing the Booty Electric I Sing the Booty Electric Fall of Rome
Julia Vorontsova For My Joy With Love from Petersburg
roseanne barr national anthem Live
Thing Lips Smoking is for Quitters Chosen Family LameO
PJ Harvey 50ft Queenie Rid of Me
Black Dice Kokomo Load Blown Paw Tracks
Brazilian Girls Nouveau American New York City Verve 2008

Long Mic Break Monologue Thing
Kurt Vonnegut & Dave Soldier East St. Louis ICE-9 Ballads Mulatta 1968
Baby Bulldog I Kno U Want Me Baby Bulldog baby Zaddy *
Anna Von HaussWolff Harmonica Ceremony
Philmapsters Parked My Heart Away Band Lotto 2 I couldn't find this album anywhere online, and it is not on streaming services either. :\
Bishop Allen Tiger, Tiger, End Credits Grrr...
The Black Angels Telephone Phospene Dream
Throw Me The Statue Hi-Fi Goon Creaturesque Secretly Canadian
Gene Tripp Birdsong in the Drone The Amazing singing record, vol. one Emotional Response *
Radio Wonderland Good to be Back in LA Seize the Means clang