Spicy Oranges

with Owen & Spicy

Sunday, March 10, 2019
12:00 to 14:00
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Artist Song Album New
Daft Punk Oh Yeah Homework
Dario Dell'Aere Eagles in the Night Eagles in the Night 12"
Otis Redding Nobody Knows When You're Down and Out The Dock of the Bay
George Darko Hilife Time Hilife Time
Dana Shadow of a self-doubt A God ignored is a demon born
Massive Attack Safe From Harm (12" Mix) Blue Lines
Rufus Best of Your Heart/Finale Street Player
Betty Davis Don't Call Her No Tramp They Say I'm Different
Charles McPherson An Oscar For Treadwell The Prophet
R Carlos Nakai Star Chant Earth Spirit
Kyo w/ Jeuru Because of You All the Same Dream
Deision & Mingle Optokinetic Reflex (Glassy Eyes) Everything Collapse(d)
Headroom Skyliner New Heaven *
Dedekind Cut Deja vu, In Reverse American Zen
De Bons en Pierre Francine Crepes EP