Six Layer Cake

with Erin

Saturday, March 9, 2019
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album New
The Monks Blast Off! Black Monk Time
Rush Freewill Permanent Waves
The Cowboys My Conscience Is Clean The Bottom Of A Rotten Flower
The Brood You've Got Me Crying 7"
Alter Boys Piles 7"
Ashwin Batish Bombay Boogie 7"
Solid Space Contemplation Space Museum
The Search Party So Many Things Got Me Down Montgomery Chapel
Quattro Registi E Ennio Morricone Giu La Testa V/A
Un Fast Money Blues S/T
This Mortal Coil Sixteen Days - Gathering Dust Song To The Siren
Pete Shelley Guess I Must Have Been In Love With Myself Homosapien
Monochrome Set Love Zombies Love Zombies
The Jam Funeral Pyre S/T
The Vertebrats Left in the Dark Battle of the Garages
Fanny Badge S/T
Fifty Foot Hose The Things That Concern You Cauldron
Pharoah Sanders Astral Traveling Irrepressible Impluses
Scorched Earth Policy Mekong Delta Blues Going Thru A Hole In The Back of Your Head
Yu I've Got This Fear Recordings 1982-1987
Pure Hell Courageous Cat 7"
David Nance Group When I Saw You Last Night Peaced & Slightly Pulverized
Eyelids It's About to Go Down 7" *
Parsnip Counterfeit Hip Blister
The Only Ones Lovers of Today Permanent Wave