Two States: Local Music From Both Sides of the Delaware River

with Maria T

Your new favorite band just happens to live around the corner from you.

Tuesday, August 2, 2005
16:00 to 19:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
sympathizers american tourister dread at the control thnthn record release 8/4 @ silk city in philly *
sympathizers appearance is essence dread at the control thnthn *
sympathizers highway cleaner dread at the control thnthn *
george draguns tandoori nightmares huffing gas s/r * R
bc camplight blood and peanut butter hide, run away one little indian * R
hisoft faith hoags hot dog city C
am/fm you and me at 53 mutilate us polyvinyl
clem snide no one's more happy than you the ghost of fashion spin art
espers byss & abyss the golden apples of the sun bastet the arthur magazine label! C
buried beds camelilia portolo s/r
scott bedford four you turned your back on me absolutely allentown positively 19th street C
jordan brothers gimme some lovin' absolutely allentown positively 19th street C
frankie beverly & the butlers love (your pain goes deep) The Sound of Philadelphia Soul Jazz C
three degrees family affair The Sound of Philadelphia Soul Jazz C
the savoys got to say goodbye crude pa vol 2 distortions C
hail social way out 7" dine alone productions *
ted leo & the pharmacists treble in trouble treble in ace fu
dahlia seed standing 8 count please excuse all the blood spirit of orr
lifetime anchor hello bastards jade tree
atom & his package for franklin redefining music hopeless
dragon city tim burtons moustache get outta philly tickticktick C
yo la tengo what can i say live on WPRB 9/26/91 WPRB NRBQ cover
the teeth wake carry the wood national parking mentioned on pitchfork today!
doctor & philip home ...are making progress on their whole spider thing s/r thursday w/ the sympathizers @ silk city
man man gold teeth s/t ace fu
need new body so st rx where's black ben? 5rc *
coyote crab legs for chords insides birdman
bad news bats torgo get outta philly tickticktick * C
heroics faint defiant hoags hot dog city R C
dysrhythmia my relationship pretest relapse
excelsior commodore big barry can we get some satisfaction up in this piece? the buddy system
detention dead rock & rollers killed by death #2 redrum C
clockcleaner the houseguest S/T manic ride
the clocks theme for elijah the saint the sinner the virgin and the dynamo track star
helen back & the str8 razors homofaux pas S/T s/r
ashtabula nineteenpointsix river of many dead fish siltbreeze
capitol years juicers let them drink burn & shiver R
Mazarin The New American Apathy We're Already There I & Ear Records * R
the a-sides everybody knows the way hello, hello prison jazz
bigger lovers a simple "how are you?" honey in the hive Yep Roc
all natural lemon & lime flavors repetitive monotonous straight blue line gern blandsten
aspera fluorescent gaze oh fantastica jagjaguwar
audible chase the kids away sky signal polyvinyl
asteroid #4 trolley car blues honeyspot turquoise mountain