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with TB


Friday, February 22, 2019
01:00 to 03:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Rodan Jungle Jim Rusty 1/4 stick
Lungbutter Vile extractor s/r
Lungbutter jellyfish extractor s/r
Chronic Anxiety Don't touch me Canopy Shyness bunny cat *
Uzeda Stomp different section wires Touch & Go
*** Break ****
Uzeda Higher than me 4" Touch & Go
Unwound seen not heard a single history 1991 - 1997 Kill Rock Stars
Big Black Kerosene Atomizer homestead
Guerilla Toss Big Break Eraser Stargazer dfa
Macula Dog Anvil's of love Why Do You Look Like Your Dog? wharf cat
Palberta Sick Bye Bye Berta Wharf Cat
Loop Sonar 12"
Crack Cloud More of What s/t ep s/r
The Cure Screw The Head On The Door Elektra
My Bloody Valentine You Made Me Realise creation ep Cartel
***** break ******
My bloody valentine Slow Creation ep Cartel
Lush Thoughtforms Scar 4ad
Sebadoh Notsur Dnuora Selcric Smash Your Head On The Punk Rock Sub Pop
Utah Sam Reaper's gain s/r
Red House Painters Katy Song s/t 4ad
Bedhead Disorder (Joy Division cover) 4 song ep trance
Sonic Youth Sweet Shine Experimental Jet Set, Trash & No Star
Codeine barely real barely real sub pop
LSD and the Search for God Starting over s/t s/r
Slowdive Albatross holding our breath ep Creation
Duster Untitled (60) rarites s/r yeah
Duster Untitled (61) rarities s/r
******** BReak *********
Low Whore things we lost in the fire kranky
Eyes of love Classifieds Strings End of the Game Wharf Cat
Duster Phantom Facing me Contemporary Movement Up
Television Personalities favourite films Yes darling But Is It Art?