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with TB


Wednesday, February 20, 2019
01:00 to 03:00
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Artist Song Album Label New
Ata Kak Ooba Sima Ooba Sima Awesome Tapes from Africa
Captain Sensible Wot Women and Captains First
New Order Dreams never end Movement
Minutemen Anxious Mofo Double Nickels on The Dime
Glaxo Babies Avoiding the Tissue Dream Interrupted
The Contortions Designed to Kill Designed to kill 12"
Minutemen Please don't be gentle with me Double Nickels on The Dime
Subrban lawns Unable s/t
Guerilla Toss Club Kids Gay Disco
Suburban Lawns jam the controls s/t
Guerilla Toss Trash Bed Gay Disco
******* BREAK *******
Black Sabbath Sweet Leaf Masters of Reality
Sediment Club Cobalt Ruin Stucco Thieves Wharf Cat
Arab on Radar st patricks gay parade queen hyguine
Arab on Radar Capt Mouth queen hyguine
Lily & Horn Horse What's wrong with mini? next to me
Guerilla Toss Multibeast tv Eraser Stargazer dfa
Numbers Goin' insane split 3"
Numbers Palo Alto erase eratte splti 3"
Collate phone call Liminal Concerns *
collate performative Liminal Concerns *
Palberta #1 fill Roach Goin' Down
Palberta ink of truth roach goin' down
******* BREAK *******
Crack Cloud Graph of Desire s/t Deranged *
Shellac Be Prepared excellent italian grey hound
Crack Cloud Swish Swash s/t Deranged *
Sonic Youth the good and the bad s/t
Big Black Ergot Songs About Fucking
Faust wir bauchen dich #6 ravvivando
Unwound The light at the end of the tunnel is a train a single history 1991 - 1997 Kill Rock Stars
Lithics Seven People Borrowed Floors
Unwound Miserific Condition a single history 1991 - 1997 Kill Rock Stars
Guinea worms bugged sorcererers of madness (4rd year in a row!) Columbus discount
Uzeda Roaming word waters a.v. arts
******* BREAK *******
Fugazi long distance runner Red medicine Dischord
Ghyp:see & the Wichts Vision Opiri
Slint Darlene tweez
Ata Kak adagya ooba sima Awesome Tapes from Africa