don't back the front

with dana k

Friday, February 15, 2019
21:30 to 23:30
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Artist Song Album Comments New
desperate bicycles don't back the front 7" 1977
ana hausen professionals 7" 1981
the take summer can't stop it I 2001/1980; sidney little band
non band duncan dancin' s/t 1982
the beach bullies window shopping we rule the universe 1980/2015
the raincoats shouting out loud odyshape 1981
delta 5 train song singles and sessions 1979-1981 2006; peel session from 1981
ya ya choral god's buzzsaw can't stop it II 2007
erase errata a thief detests the criminal elements of the ruling class at crystal palace 2003
scorched earth policy green cigar dust to dust 1984
twelve cubic feet hello howard squares on sunday 1982
crass shaved women reality asylum 7" 1979
drinking electricity breakout 7" 1982
i.u.d precious subnormal girls vol 1 1981/2016
bona dish susan says (sax version) ?? ??
chi pig ring around the collar bountiful living 1978
martha and the muffins paint by number heart metro music 1980
lene lovich home stateless 1982
life without buildings ps exclusive any other city 2001
electrelane gone under sea the power out 2004
public practice bad girls(s) distance is a mirror 2018 *
collate selective memory 7" 2019; new single!
?fog move your brain 7-inch round black thing 2019/1985 *
wallsockets snerl four stars 1981; comp w/naked spots dance, life in the fridge exists
suburban lawns janitor s/t 1981